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Concrete flooring,  driveways, car parks, & concrete repairs...

These are just some of the standard services we provide, but we do so much more.

Based in Christchurch, Flash Concrete are leading the way in the decorative concrete industry.  Our team have our feet firmly planted here in New Zealand, but have a keen eye for what is trending overseas.  We have developed a massive range of exciting finishes and groundbreaking services you cannot find anywhere else.  Our passionate bunch of artisans take a utilitarian product like concrete, and transform it into something that is beautiful.

We provide a number of services.
From design and inspiration, through to project completion, and with a display centre in Sydenham! Let us help you create and manage your project right the way through.  Don't be fooled into thinking you have to remove your damaged or old driveway because it has a few cracks.  Don't settle for the same old driveway as Nancy next door.  Be inspired and create something that will give you pride and satisfaction. Be the envy of your neighbourhood!

With decades of experience in this fast growing industry, and having been involved in thousands of earthquake repairs since 2011,  our friendly team have the necessary industry knowledge and ease of access to the latest products from around the world.   We will add beauty, value and practicality to ensure you are left with an investment you can talk about with your friends and family for years to come.

You may never think of concrete in the same way again

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Concrete benchtop Flash Concrete Christchurch


Standing at the forefront of the decorative concrete industry, Flash Concrete offer a range of interior finishes. By taking advantage of the latest technologies and techniques available, we have developed products and systems which provide unique and individualised finishes and items. These include concrete benchtops, interior concrete flooring, seamless microtopping floors, decorative concrete overlays (in any finish ranging from tile to brick, right through to super hard wearing wood effect overlays), metallic and industrial epoxies, polished concrete, acid stains and so much more. Our team can take just about any flooring finish you have seen and recreate it to get the exact finish you want in both residential and commercial settings, in most cases without the monstrous price tag.
Concrete Patio Area by Flash Concrete Christchurch


Having come from an external concrete and decorative concrete beginning, Flash Concrete provide an extensive range of concrete finishes and solutions that are unique to us. We offer the usual concrete finishes including plain concrete, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate and stamped concrete. But because we utilise the latest technologies and techniques, we can provide new tailored solutions that are not only cost effective, but also far more aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing than your standard concrete finishes. Do you want the look of paving without the issue of mould and weeds? Do you want the look of timber without it fading and having to re-stain it every year? Our flagship Decorative Concrete Overlay system is used in both residential and commercial settings for both foot and vehicle traffic.
Concrete Exterior Seat by Flash Concrete


Constantly developing new and exciting vertical finishes, our team has a flare and passion for taking designer finishes you see in magazines and recreating them on walls in concrete. Our vertical overlays can be used to create the look of stone or rock, precast concrete, weathered plaster, rusted metal and precast timber planking, just to name a few outcomes. These finishes are beautiful and because they are made of concrete, are about as hard wearing as you can get. Create that pool surround that has a massive rock wall and water feature surrounding it, but without having to move a mountain to construct it. Have that designer concrete wall you have seen in a magazine, but is applied over a plaster board wall. You are not limited anymore by weight, as we can go over just about any existing substrate. Imagine the possibilities...


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