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Welcome to our resources page.  Here we provide a number of colour charts, Permacolour, product information and data sheets for products we use and can recommend.  If you have a product in mind, please contact us and we can look into it for you.

Company Profile & Info

Company Profile & Information about Flash Concrete. A Must Read

Interior Concrete Surfaces Fact Sheet

Fact sheet about Interior Concrete Surfaces by Flash Concrete

Decorative Concrete Overlay Fact Sheet

Fact sheet about Decorative Concrete Overlays

Concrete Benchtop Fact Sheet

Concrete Benchtop Fact Sheet by Flash Concrete

Decorative Concrete Guide Overlay

Information on Decorative Concrete Overlays by Flash Concrete

Vertical Overlays

Guide to Vertical Concrete by Flash Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Guide to Stamped Concrete by Flash Concrete

Polished Concrete

Guide to Polished Concrete by Flash Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Guide

Guide to Exposed Aggregate Concrete by Flash Concrete

Plain & Coloured Concrete

Guide to Plain & Coloured Concrete by Flash Concrete


Guide to Microtoppings by Flash Concrete

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Guide to Metallic Epoxy Flooring by Flash Concrete

Epoxy Flake Floor

Guide to Epoxy Flake Flooring by Flash Concrete

Acid Stain Brochure Flash Concrete

Acid Stain information from Flash Concrete.

Concrete Style Guide – Outdoor Rustic Palette

Concrete Style Guide - Outdoor Rustic Palette

Concrete Style Guide – Outdoor Modern Palette

Style guide for outdoor concrete. Modern palette.

Concrete Style Guide – Outdoor Traditional Palette

Concrete Style Guide - Outdoor Traditional Palette

Nuplex – Surecote System 500 Technical Data Sheet

Nuplex Surecote SYSTEM 500 is a resin used to make seamless, textured slip resistant, medium to heavy duty flooring system incorporating various resins and aggregate options to suit environmental and slip resistant requirements.

Permacolour – Chemical Stain Colour Chart

PERMACOLOUR Chemical Stain lets you create colours with real depth that are unique and captivating. Thousands of different looks can be achieved ranging from the understated elegance of burnished leather to the ageless beauty of natural stone. Chemical Stain will open the door to a whole new palette of creative expression.

Permacolour – Chemical Stain Product Guide

Permacolour Chemical Stain is a blend of acids, metallic particles and special additives which when applied to concrete penetrate the surface to combine chemically with elements in the concrete to form oxides. Thereby producing interesting variations of the chosen colour. The result is an aesthetic, mottled appearance, dark in places, light in others, with subtle shades of each, which cannot peel of flake.

Avista – Wet Concrete Colour Hardener

Avista Wet Concrete Colour Hardener is a dry shake coloured cement based powder designed predominantly to colour and harden concrete surfaces.