Concrete Benchtops

Concrete has moved indoors as a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom bench tops. Don’t picture a flat slab of gray concrete sitting on top of your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, concrete can have a variety of finishes from embellished to sleek and modern.  Concrete benchtops can be either cast in place on site (in situ) or prefabricated in our warehouse, then transported and installed.

Insitu benchtops are typically installed using traditional concrete mixes and steel reinforcing.  Prefabricated benchtops are typically made from Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).  This is a super high strength specially designed concrete material that can be cast into endless shapes. Its composition lends itself heavily to Kitchen Benchtops, Vanities, Splash Backs and Wall Facade Panels and because of the high strength and special reinforcing can be cast thin as 20mm thick.  This creates endless design possibilities and uses as you can get the heavy industrial look of concrete without the typical weight restrictions.

Commercially, GFRC can be used to make lightweight facade panels for shop fronts. These panels are considered non-structural and simply give the “feel” of a concrete constructed structure.